Around 86% of New Zealand households can pick up Freeview HD with a good quality UHF aerial. However, the remaining 14% will need a small roof top satellite dish and a Freeview set top box to watch the various Freeview channels.

If you require a satellite dish, Next Connect can help


1. Give us a call and book an appointment

2. We come to your home and install a satellite dish

3. We tune your Freeview set top box

4. You sit back and enjoy the Freeview channels- easy!


What if you already have a satellite dish?

If you already have a satellite dish on your roof, it’s possible this could be used to receive a Freeview satellite signal. In this case, an experienced Next Connect technician can come to your home and test your existing dish.

If this is not in working condition we can install a new satellite dish for you.


For a fast, professional aerial installation by the team at Next Connect, simply book an appointment by calling 09 950 3807.